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Saint Gerardo, the Saint Protector of Mothers and Childrens

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Sanctuary San Gerardo Maiella 25 MAY 2006 DAY OF MOTHERS AND CHILDRENS This is one of the major events of devotees of St. Gerard Majella, the saint of mothers and children. Better known as the "Day of Rose" (which are offered as a tribute to Madonna), the last Sunday of May sees the arrival of thousands of mothers with children and husbands to pay homage to their saint and invoke his blessing, her blessings and her favors. The day ends with the act of consecration to the Mother of God and our Mother and expectations to St. Gerard Majella PROGRAMME 11.00 am Solemn Mass 12.00 AM Procession to the park "Mother of the Redeemer" and act of consecration to the Mother of God and reliance in San Gerardo Maiella

New Provincial Superior of the Missionaries of southern Redemptorists

The Redemptorists of southern Italy have elected their new Provincial Superior in the person of his father David Perdonò. Born in Foggia on July 22 of'60, the father Perdonò was consecrated priest December 14 85. At M.R.P. David Perdonò be the best wishes of the Sanctuary for a fruitful work and assured support in prayer all the devotees gerardini.

A book that collect 10 years of recipes on San Gerardo

The recipes Virginia Pasquarelli Among the most popular sections of our magazine are "good food" signed by Virginia Pasquarelli; recipes simple proposals for each month from about 10 years. Many were in this time the appreciation and, together, requests to place all the material published in a systematic publication. In response to this desire of many housewives born this publication. The first volume of collection of recipes covers appetizers, rustic and pasta dishes. The second volume collects recipes for main courses, the contours and sweets. In the certainty that the same success will look at this publication, we thank the author and all readers of the magazine "On the Way with San Gerardo" whose appreciation we have encouraged the realization of this collection. Thank you and ... appettito good! Format volumes 14x21 Prime volume pp. 176 Price Ç 5.00 According volume pp. 240 Price Ç 6.00 SPECIAL - The two volumes, the box, shipping just Ç 11.00 Order now running copies to 082758642 to 0827537803 or e-mail:

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Hello to all and returned well, the Shrine of St. Gerard is pleased to welcome the new site! Many are new, to see them all just join! It's easy, choose your nickname, your password, your name and surname and un'indirizzo valid email .. and if our immediately!

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Day of the sick - April 25, 2008

Day of the sick on April 25 2008-02-25 One day, when you have finished take the mule track of the ordeal and have experienced as the agony of Christ gallows, squarceranno from top to bottom of the skirts that surround the temple of history, and finally you know that your life was not useless. May your pain has fuelled the black economy of grace. May your martyrdom was not absurd, but has enlarged the river of redemption reaching the most remote corners of the earth. Program 10.00 - Home 10.30 hours - Rosario meditated 11.00 - Eucharistic concelebration 15.00 - SS exposure. Sacramento at 16.00 - 16.30 hours community prayer - a procession and blessing of the sick

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