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San Gerardo Maiella Missionary Redemptorist
Patron of mothers and children



San Gerardo Maiella is universally recognized and called for "Angel of the cradles", "Patron Mothers", "protector of pregnant women," precisely because God has worked miracles and wonders, through the intercession dell'umile figure of Fr. Gerardo, in favour Mothers in the delicate period of gestation.



The special predilection manifested itself in an extraordinary way after death, but began when he was alive. The town of Oliveto Citra the experience clearly. During a brief visit to the family Pirofalo, in fact, forgot, a handkerchief. On the streets it reached a young girl sent to restituirglielo. Gerardo as always smiled, but not taken: "No, no - said the girl - keep well; one day you will serve". A few years later, now married, the expectation of difficult first child led her in the end of life. They remembered brother Gerardo and asked for the handkerchief, remained forgotten for so long. The miracle was immediate and a happy birth alliet˛ family. The news spread immediately crossing the borders and regional citizens. At Oliveto the handkerchief was done at ever smaller pieces because everyone wanted at home the precious relic. The father Tannoia write after the death of Gerardo: "This brother is invoked especially as the protector of pregnant women in distress." This is why spread the tradition of having in the house handkerchief blessed with the image of St. Gerard. Wherever the mothers have continued to invoke his name ever receiving a grace and a smile. San Gerardo certainly continues from heaven to bless mothers and children who have recourse to him with confidence. As the growing cult of the saint and its protection the boundaries dell'Irpinia, Italy, Europe. In some countries of 'Central America there is no family that did not "Gerardiello" or his "Maiellita." To him are dedicated catechetical schools, maternity clinics and orphanages.



The Hall of flakes
where mothers leave the flakes as a thanksgiving to St. Gerard for the gift of life received



In the premises of the Shrine is a room dedicated to the protector of mothers and children, in which the lots are put flakes that many mothers lead as the Holy ringranziamento and how to protect their children. Each year, the sanctuary of San Gerardo, the last Sunday of May, celebrates the day of amme and children, with the procession to the park of Mater Christi where, after the celebration of Holy Mass mothers entrust their children to protection Madonna and San Gerardo. 11.00 am Eucharistic celebration for pregnant women, mothers and children. Hours 12.00 procession to the Park "Mother of the Redeemer." Act of consecration of the Mother of mothers of children Dio.Affidamento the protection of Saint Gerardo.Benedizione roses and handkerchiefs gerardini.



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